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Crooked Preachers Cannot Let Congregation Know The Truth - Friendship, Activity Partners

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Wanted: Friendship, Activity Partners in Canada, Yellowknife

Someone there knows these preachers in Yellowknife. I trusted them and truth after 1 1/2 years, these preachers are nothing more then lying, manipulating used car salesman and they have my girl brainwashed sometimes that they are good real preachers. They continue telling Cindy she's on God's calling. (recent update) ((( I finally know now what sin they are clearly committing. I am slow sometimes and knew what they where doing was so painfully wrong. Like dah! They are and have been sinning against The 10th commandment. Thou shall not covet. They also talk to Cindy as if she has no fiance, no family. Covet meaning - to take from another man. They have been doing this from the start. All their tricks and manipulation is coveting, sinning against me! Remember now, these are God worshipping, Strict Pentecostal Preachers! And if they ever give church services on family values, lying, cheating, stealing, coveting then they become hypercritical lying preachers.)))) This whole thing is a screaming mess and nightmare for her family because of 2 crooked preachers. And what makes it harder is several dozen people think these preachers are oh so Godly wonderful. So sweet, honest and caring. I'm sure many will faithfully follow these dishonest preachers until their last day no matter what anyone says. Before Cindy (from USA) left her family and fiance, which were the two most important people in her life, Cindy is and has been slowly manipulated to trash her family and support dishonest preachers to best fit their need$$. What does God say about family? My fiance, Cindy from Arlington Texas - USA, asked my permission to go with a preacher and family, his wife Denise and 2 boys, Ralph and James, from Pittsburgh, USA for 2 weeks and travel just over the border to Canada and play in a wedding. Preacher made the trip sound so exciting and promised to pay Cindy $300 for the wedding and promised to pay an extra $200 for playing the keyboards for the revival. The preacher explained of plans to return back to their church in Pittsburgh on March 21, 2009. No Name Preacher promised her father and I an itinerary before leaving. He simply told Cindy it was an honest misunderstanding. After they left he smiled at Cindy and said he forgot. During their travels in Canada (shocking) they ended up sleeping at truck stops! Preacher never told us my fiance would be sleeping at truck stops in the mini-van between his 2 boys and family!! Cindy would call us from pay phones from truck stops! Preacher got rid of Cindy's cell phone, said it didn't work in Canada! Preacher stopped at a US/Canada border UPS and mailed Cindy's phone home. She knew her father would have a cow! Furious! Turns out this Strict Pentecostal Preacher lied. He lied about everything. We slowly find he had no plans of even returning to the church he left in the US or paying Cindy Hunt any money and it was not just over the border! Yellowknife from Pittsburgh took them 7 total days driving, sleeping at truck stops!. An old mini-van, trailer and 5 adults. They left Pittsburgh March 1, 2009 and spent a couple days at a (surprise) private snake revival so preacher could earn more $$ near Broadway and 7th in Saskatoon. Sounds like a circus act! Bible, preacher, secret snake revival. Like traveling gypsy's with my talented fiance in the middle of all this. The 5 of them finally arrive near Yellowknife on March 9, 2009 - wedding March 10th and move in to the church annex with the brother-in-law with preacher bruce and his 2 kids, Jonathan and Melissa. bruce is divorced, but the mother lives 20 miles away in Yellowknife. Imagine that, a divorced preacher. A divorced preacher and mama lives down the road. A divorced preacher, mama lives down the road and preacher bruce needs a sitter for his kids 26 days a month? After Cindy played for the weding and asked No Name preacher for promised money, he replies, "I thought you were on God's Calling" Notice how he just blamed God for not keeping his word and no pay. The other preacher bruce knew upon Cindy's arrival that she along with her fiance and father had planned her to stay only 2 weeks and she has a fiance back home waiting on her and she has a sick father at home waiting on her. After months of twisted words from the bible and "Open Ended Revival - God's Calling" the No Name preacher that brought Cindy finally ran out of lies and excuses and admots that they were not going back to his church he left in Pittsburgh. Cindy commented to me once that she should've known something was fishy, because the preacher packed all their belongings in a rented trailer for the 2 week trip? No real offers from either preacher to bring her back. Sure, they might say they have offered, but it's all smokescreen offers, nothing real! All attempts and plans we have made and Cindy has made to leave always fail with crooked preachers throwing God's Calling, Revival, we need you, you're like an angel, where have you been all our lives, in Cindy's face. bruce has Cindy wrapped around his finger like a puppet. Cindy thinks he's the most honest person she ever met. Cindy knows both the preachers lie, but these preachers add forgive and forget in every service. So she reminds me how we should forgive and forget. Cindy's father and I have wired lots of money to Walmart, Yellowknife where it takes Cindy about a half hour to drive and get to the Western Union Walmart for the money. She says she is 20 miles or so outside of Yellowknife in the sticks. Some remote area that has a church and a few homes? The preachers will not give last names, addresses and all phone calls are private number. The preachers talk to Cindy as if she has no family or anyone else in her life. Cindy usually calls everyday sometimes multiple times a day. Sometimes she misses a day. Several Preachers here in the states all say the same thing. Without Cindy knowing it, she is being held happily with velvet handcuffs with manipulation of twisted words and the bible to separate her from family by crooked preachers. They use Cindy to best fit their needs and politely, silently manipulate her to trash her family. Cindy is short, long dark blonde hair, wears her hair up, blue jean skirt, engagement ring, brown jacket, and drives Raymond's (Toyota) 4 door diesel truck. Has Jonathan and Melissa with her a lot, those are bruce's 2 kids. If you stop her, she will happily tell you she is from Texas and has a fiance and father back home and that she is leaving soon to be with her family. "As soon as the preachers calling is finished" Each time Cindy announces to bruce she needs to be home with her fiance or sick father, bruce easily manipulates Cindy with his Oscar Acting Bible performances and sincere honesty with, God's Calling as he drops off his kids and Cindy stays longer. This has been going on for 1 1/2 years now. Cindy moved away from both preachers, the church annex last May 09' and has been living with Raymond who is about 60 years old and suffering now with Prostate Cancer. Raymond is the biggest contributor of the church and is scheduled to leave soon (maybe) with his sister Deloris back to Atlanta Georgia to start seeing a cancer specialist. Raymond has a brain tumor. Deloris and Raymond tell Cindy they are going to take her home on their way to Atlanta. Cindy seems happy and says she is so looking forward to finally being home with her father and fiance. If Raymond had never opened his home to Cindy, she would've demanded to leave last summer. You could tell she had enough of living with 7 other people in a 2 bedroom church annex without plumbing. Each time Cindy and we prepare for her return, she must share the news with bruce and then Mr. honest bruce steps in the picture once again holding King James Bible under arm with his 2 kids. bruce has made every move on Cindy that he can without looking like a dishonest preacher (that he really is) including asking Cindy to remove her engagement ring from her finger. I've noticed honest preacher bruce to quick in denial and blame like his crooked brother-in-law when the twisted words of the bible does not surpass their lies and deception. bruce needs a wife replacement and a keyboardist to help bring more $$ to his church and keep his kids separated from their mother plus save a $$. Don't forget he has his lying brother-in-law and his wife with 2 boys also living off this church bruce has slowly worked my fiance Cindy Hunt, into watching his kids, doing the church books and playing the keyboards for church services, revivals, weddings, retirement homes. Pays her nothing like he promised while the preachers put $$ in their pocket. bruce continues to try and get Cindy to remove her engagement ring, trash her fiance and father. In June this year Cindy went to the podium and made an announcement to the congregation. She said she was going to play her daddy's favorite song and that she missed him and was so looking forward to being with him again soon. bruce freaked and quickly got up there and took over, all attention switches to bruce and he request Cindy play a quick upbeat song. "Shock" Cindy had been there over a year and no one there knew Cindy had a sick father at home that she so missed and loved so very much. After services, others learn Cindy is without her mother who passed away when Cindy was 12 years old and her Aunt Debra is twins of her mother sitting in a nursing home back here in the USA. That's where the lying No Name preacher found Cindy. Praying alone without her father or fiance, next to Aunt Debra's bedside. What a slim ball preacher! Both preachers turned out to be lying, thieving, manipulating gypsy's and have a congregation of near 50 plus people that think these 2 so called preachers who are the best preachers in the whole NWT of Canada. bruce is about 35 years old and works at Walmart in Yellowknife? While No Name preacher, his wife and 2 boys sit at the church annex, bruce drops his kids off, at Raymond's house where Cindy is, near everyday from before 6 AM to 3:30 PM. Somehow bruce fooled the courts to give him full custody of his children. Cindy has met the mother several times. I asked her if there was something wrong with the mother? Cindy said no, but that she decided she did not want to be a preachers wife living out in the woods next to a church. "In my opinion the mother must walk around like with her arms missing to be without her kids 26 days a month." Cindy says the mother cannot afford to raise them alone. bruce is so slick! Gets Cindy all involved with his children, using his kids like pawns! Keeps his kids separated from their mother. Keeps my fiance separated from me. Keeps Cindy separated from her father. Keeps my fiance watching his (pawns) 2 kids. bruce has been telling Cindy she does not need to be calling me? He's my kind of preacher. "Oh please could anyone send us more preachers just like these to really help teach us what family values, morals, honesty, integrity, courage really is and how to be a good Christian and without getting caught lying and deceiving our audience. Back in October of 2009, Cindy's father met Cindy and Bruce in Saskatoon where Cindy was going to leave with her father and finally go home. Bruce had Cindy travel there to help him cover a snake revival in Saskatoon, because the preacher there was sick. Just before leaving, Bruce puts on a Gold Metal Oscar winning act that his son Jonathan just drowned and he had to rush immediately back to Yellowknife and care for him. He fakes Cindy out with that he was so emotionally torn that he suddenly couldn't even hardly walk or drive the car. Cindy (while crying) quickly unloaded her luggage from her fathers car and left with Bruce. Her father was shocked and ended up flying back home a complete emotional wreck. Turns out (of course) the kid was fine all along. It was all a smokescreen trick! When I questioned Cindy about Jonathan's well being, it was a closed subject! Kind of confirms a fake kid drowning lies by a preacher in manipulate Cindy to ditch her father for an emergency! bruce using his kid again as a pawn. This is only one of many deceitful tricks played by these so called preachers. bruce is a lying fake. His lying fake brother-in-law is worse. Mr. No Name Preacher that brought Cindy from Pittsburgh, told me, Cindy and her father that the trip was only 2 weeks. He then got rid of my cell phone I gave Cindy the first day of the trip explaining to her that cell phones do not work in Canada where they were going and had Cindy mail it back home. The day 3rd. day of the trip after Cindy took pictures at the snake revival in Saskatoon, Cindy's camera mysteriously disappears from inside her luggage? The 4th day of the trip, Mr. No Name Preacher asked Cindy if she would remove her ring and become his new daughter-in-law. He would also want to share her with his son. Other added rats? Mr. Honesty! Asian guy, smooth talking trash named Terry who works at some law office in Yellowknife. When no one is looking, he buys Cindy innapropriate gifts. You name it! Rated X and more. Mnipulates her to a movie and molest her. Gets all involved in her personnel life and tries to take her engagment ring off. Sometimes Cindy actually trust him. He turns out to be a lying piece of spineless garbage. All a show of devils in disguise. Preachers like him because he donates $. Funny though, he's 28 divorced, 2 kids and the only women that will talk to him are whores, so he manipulates and stalks my fiance behind everyone's back. Do all so called Independent Pentecostal Preachers lie, cheat, steal and fool a congregation they are God worshippers and speak God's word like angel butterflies or only these two? bruce's newest trick? After Cindy informed bruce she was leaving with Raymond, Bruce starts a new revival and wants Cindy to help do advertising for new members. Record her music playing. Bruce also brings in a drummer for the new revival. The revival is more upbeat with a drummer. More $$. You start seeing the repetitious tricks of underhanded deceitful preachers. Cindy just announced again she needs to go home because her father is scheduled to be in the hospital again soon and she wants to go home to be with her fiance, father and Aunt Debra. bruce gets a quick new revival going and points at Cindy while she playing the keyboards and everybody is dancing and he'll tell her she's on "God's Calling" again! And once again Cindy will call me, her father, Aunt Debra and tell us she cannot come home yet. I pray to God that some strong Christian will read this, find this church and expose these phony lying preachers for who they really are and help remove, lift this obligated weight they have put on Cindy's shoulders so she can be free to be with her family. The only manipulation is by 2 preachers that have actually softly kidnapped Cindy and keep her thinking she is doing the right thing because of God while they hold King James under their arm. Cindy has informed preachers that she will get a small trust when she is 21. We are starting to believe they are going to keep her happily until she turns 21. Sorry to say, but these 2 so called preachers turn out to be money manipulators with a butterfly act that its all about God. Bruce's last free baby sitter was like 74 years old and just weeks after Cindy arrived the baby-sitter died and left everything (beneficiary) to Bruce. Cindy gives all her money, our money to the church. Bruce promised to pay her for book keeping, playing for revivals, weddings and baby sitting. Cindy has been his gofer for 1 1/2 years and Bruce has not paid her one penny. When Cindy asked for money, Bruce replied "I thought you were on God's Calling?" NOTE-SEE HOW BOTH PREACHERS BLAME GOD FOR NOT KEEPING THEIR WORD. HOW SLICK! They both have boldly lied to Cindy's father (by telephone). He told one of the preachers that he was a wolf in sheep's clothing. Cindy's father has been Pentecostal for 50 years of his life and never has caught a preacher lying and first time to ever tell one he was a wolf in sheep's clothing. Pictured - family back home. Cindy's mother is deceased. Pictured is Cindy's father 4 months ago. Cindy got really angry with the preachers for keeping her away from her father while he was in surgery. As a reward the preachers simply brought in snakes for a special revival to make her forget about her father in ICU. AND FIANCE - THOMAS I know you would've never let it happen to your daughter, but this all started because we trusted a Pentecostal Preacher. After we found the preacher was crooked we thought the other Pentecostal Preacher (bruce) would do the right thing. Turns out he's just as crooked but more laid back and slick about it. Everyone there trust bruce. I notice he does not like Cindy to tell others about her family back home though! He gets nervous each time she talks to anyone. Cindy told the new sworn in preacher back in Saskatonn a lot and bruce quickly got Cindy and went back to Yellowknife. That would make him look like a dishonest preacher, which he is! If some strong willed outsider with integrity and courage asked questions and exposed news of just a little of the truth and brought it to this church, you would see 2 preachers suddenly become magicians of smokescreen acts that will dazzle you. They will push all the blame on Cindy like spineless cowards. You'll realize from their reaction that every word I say is true. They fear anyone know the truth. Some of their small congregation might leave and that's needed dollars leaving their pockets. They are crooked preachers. Independent Strict Pentecostal Preachers. Now you know why they are independent. They have to answer to no body for their actions. These 2 people that hold a King James under arm and lead others can never let their congregation know the truth. Does not seem to matter to either preacher that Cindy is engaged or has a sick father or Aunt at home. I guess it wouldn't matter to either of them for any engaged girl with a sick family at home to come there if they can manipulate (using God's words), her to be their free gofer that gives money, they will twist God's words to best fit their needs$ They make this girl think she is doing the right thing because its all about The Lord, God is good! Yellowknife is not that big. Someone somewhere knows these preachers. Cindy is reluctant to let her father know where exactly the church is because she says he will come there and cause a big (well deserved)scene and embarrass her. Once Cindy told the preachers we were on our way there and she said both preachers got nervous and upset saying all we (father, fiance) would do is start trouble. We are helpless! So her father and I just sit and listen to 2 crooked preachers manipulate Cindy to best fit their needs. Cindy adds a dollar to the church. Denise is now sick with possible Huntington's Disease and Denise is not 20 years old either. TWO CROOKED INDEPENDENT STRICT PENTECOSTAL PREACHERS LEAD CINDY TO TRASH HER FAMILY TO BEST FIT THEIR NEEDS$$. Is this the Pentecostal way? No, this is 2 bad preachers with a great act. Cindy sees little wrong doing here because she is in their environment. She thinks what she is doing is right because preachers say it's all in the name of The Lord. Also the reason neither preacher will let her leave with her father. Both preachers used tricks to bring her there, bring her back there and trash her father on 2 separate occasions. They know if she leaves their side, they lose control. WE TRUSTED A PREACHERS WORD TO RETURN HOME WITH CINDY 1 1/2 YEARS AGO. Her father and I are slowly out a total of $21, 880 in the hole and these preachers not out a dime. Cindy is their top producing $$ keyboardist. Remember, she was supposed to be paid $500 promised money from preachers. Reality - they have her as a gofer for 1 1/2 years and put emotional, mental, financial strain on her family to best fit their needs. Gypsy's with a bible under arm. My observation thus far? While they give a great service in church, they fool and fuel their audience with a bible as bait. They destroy and separate family with false words. They always blame God for not keeping their word or to escape bold face lies. Example? I promise to pay you, but if I can brainwash you're on God's Calling before I pay you then I owe nothing, because if your on God's Calling you can't be paid. See the bible says right here no payment to others come from me on his calling. Example, I give my word to bring you back where I took you from, but if I create another revival $$ then we will all be on God's Calling, so I blame God again for not keeping my word. Notice with these kinds of tactics they can slowly suck you in and blame God for just about anything and everything like gypsy's and eventually steal someone to the poor house. Maybe I'm only a messenger here for some. Preachers are just like used car salesman. You have to ask them questions, investigate. You need to get REFERENCES. Are they ordained, any schooling, training or independent with no one to answer too and just off the streets like these preachers? You have to closely observe them. Because of preachers like these you CANNOT just assume if they carry a bible you can blindly trust them. These two (UN-ordained) so called preachers, are snakes in the grass with great cover and butterfly acts. Their eyes roll and ears grow when they hear, trust funds, beneficiary, inheritance and then they go for Oscar!

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